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Microsoft - Work at Home

Work at Home Software for DEECD Staff

Limited Microsoft Work at Home software is available to Department of Education and Early Childhood Development staff for a minimal fee under the Department’s Microsoft software agreements.

The Work at Home software is available to all Department staff, including teaching staff, office administration staff, school TSSP technicians, and central and regional office staff.  Staff may order and install a copy of any of the following Work at Home products onto a home or portable computer that is used for work related purposes:

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (Windows) - includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, InfoPath, Sharepoint Work Space, Lync and One Note
  • Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade from a qualifying operating system
  • Office 2011 for Mac

Note that home use of any other Microsoft products available under Department agreements is not permitted.

Use of software

Staff may only install Work at Home software onto one home or portable computer that is used for work related purposes. 

Work at Home software must be removed from the home computer if the staff member ceases to be employed by the Department or the computer is disposed of.

Teachers and principals should note that notebook computers provided under the Department’s Notebooks for Teachers and Principals Program do not count as a home computer for this purpose. To be clear, staff who receive a notebook under the Notebooks Program may only install Work at Home software onto a home computer other than the Department-supplied notebook, providing the home computer is used for work purposes.

Ordering and installation

Installation of Work at Home software can only be performed using media purchased for this purpose from the Department's appointed Microsoft Software Supplier

Staff must not use school or Department-owned media to install software on home computers.

To order any of the above Work at Home products, staff should first read the Work at Home Guidelines (PDF - 382Kb) (requires PIN and Edumail password), which include instructions for online ordering and site login details. 

Staff can then log into Insight to place any orders. See: Insight

Before installing any Work at Home software, staff must also download and complete the Microsoft Work at Home Acceptance Form (Word - 42Kb)

One copy of the completed form should be retained by the user and another copy retained within the user’s workplace.

All enquiries about ordering Microsoft Work at Home software should be sent by email to the Insight Help Desk at this e-mail address