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Education Maintenance Allowance

The EMA program ceased at the end of 2014. Parents will not be able to apply for the EMA in 2015.

In 2015 some additional funding will be allocated to eligible schools through schools’ core operational funding mechanism, with the neediest schools receiving the most funding. Not all schools will be receiving this additional funding.

For more information, see: Student Resource Package​

The EMA web system is at: EMA 

State Schools’ Relief assistance

As a principal, you are well aware that every student, regardless of their circumstances, should have the best possible chance to reach their potential.

If you have a family who is struggling to meet the cost of school uniforms, shoes, books and stationery for their children, you may be able to receive these for free or at a discount through State Schools’ Relief.

Not-for-profit organisation, State Schools’ Relief, will be provided with more than $15.65 million over four years from the Victorian Government to provide free or discounted new uniforms, shoes, books and more to 25,000 students across Victoria.

For more information, see: State Schools' Relief for Students