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Requirements for Software Developers

This page gives schools information to provide to software developers so that they can meet the minimum mandatory requirements for producing student report cards for Victorian government schools.

  • Software specifications (doc - 222kb) – contains the technical information for developers and vendors, and provides links to supporting documentation. [Last updated July 2014]
  • Algorithm (pdf - 15.22kb) | Algorithm (xls - 70.5kb) – demonstrates how A-E ratings are generated from teachers’ scores. The algorithm calculates a mean score, rounds the mean score up to the nearest quartile then allocates the corresponding A-E rating to appear on the report. [Last updated December 2012]
  • Dimension codes and scores (doc - 115.5kb) includes all the dimension codes, domain and dimension descriptions, and the minimum and maximum scores for each dimension. [Last updated December 2012]
  • EAL dimension score translation (docx - 34.34kb) – translation tables showing EAL dimension scores and their corresponding AusVELS scores for CASES21. [Last updated December 2014]
  • The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Companion to AusVELS – provides a framework for assessing student achievement and developing effective learning programs for the many students in Victorian schools who are learning English as an additional language.
  • CASES21 functional requirements for Aegis 8902 – defines the specific business systems requirements that will be implemented by Aegis 8902: to replace VELS scoring with AusVELS in CASES21 (v53.1 release), and includes AusVELS XSD schema files PRS211 export and PRS212 import. [Last updated June 2013]
  • PRS211 semester 2 – sample file for export of data in CASES21 [Last updated June 2013]
  • PRS212 – sample file for import of data in CASES21 [Last updated June 2013]

See also:

  • The VCAA website provides a range of resources and information including implementation of AusVELS, curriculum planning and reporting guidelines
  • The AusVELS website – provides the complete set of achievement standards across all domains to be used for assessment and reporting.