Learning at Secondary School

Every secondary school is different, but all aim to give your child the opportunity to learn and develop academically and socially.

Secondary schools are supported by a strong system that sets state-wide standards in education, but they are also flexible and can tailor their programs to meet the learning needs of your child.

A major transition

In many primary schools, Year 5 and 6 students become familiar with working with a range of teachers rather than just one. This helps your child prepare for the different teaching methods of secondary schools.

Some secondary schools also offer learning environments similar to these arrangements for their students’ first year at the school. These schools often have a designated area for Year 7 students including one large multipurpose classroom. A team of teachers will work with the students rather than individual subject teachers. This allows the students and teachers to get to know each other.

In other schools, from the beginning of Year 7, learning is organised into separate subjects that are usually taught by different teachers. Your child may not be in the same classroom, or with the same group of students, throughout the day.

More information

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