Extracurricular activities

The Department encourages all children to make the most of their time at school and to become actively involved in their community.

To foster this, we encourage participation in activities that occur outside of normal school hours. This is what we mean by ‘extracurricular activities’.

The extracurricular activities supported by the Department include the following.

Performing Arts Unit

The Performing Arts Unit programs are available to government school students. It aims to showcase excellence in the performing arts through a range of performance opportunities.

If your child is a natural performer, a budding musician, a dancer, or a singer, the Performing Arts Unit could be the perfect opportunity for them to shine.

The Performing Arts Unit forms ensembles of students ranging from 10 to 18 years of age. All students in the ensembles are selected through an audition process and undergo regular weekly rehearsals geared towards performance.

Performances range from large government and corporate events, to outdoor festivals.

For more information, see: Performing Arts Unit

Victorian State Schools Spectacular

The Spectacular includes students with all levels of experience and backgrounds from all across Victoria.

Participants are provided with expert tuition to enhance their performance and musical skills during the rehearsal period.

For more information, see: Victorian State Schools Spectacular