Dimension: Working in teams

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Focus: : team roles; team skills


Classroom Resources

Which team member are you.doc (doc 47kb)
A sample self-evaluation worksheet for students before starting a new team assignment. prompts students to consider different roles they can play in a team, and their strengths and weaknesses as team members. This worksheet can be adapted, or translated into the LOTE

Team Skills.doc (doc 326kb)
This worksheet outlines some key skills for successful team work, and prompts students to think of scenarios which demonstrate these skills in action. this resource can be adapted, or translated into the LOTE.

Reflect on your team performance.doc (doc 45kb)
A sample student evaluation sheet suitable for groups working on assignments or projects. Can be adapted or translated into the LOTE for older students.


VCAA: Interpersonal Development Standard

VCAA: Interpersonal Development Progression Points

DoE Interpersonal Development domain page

VCAA: Interpersonal Development Assessment Maps

VCAA: Personal learning Assessment Maps with annotated student work samples

http://www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/edulibrary/public/teachlearn/student/greatwalllotel5.doc (doc 118kb)
The following units of work are available to support visits by LOTE classes to the The Great Wall of China Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. The Great Wall of China units provide opportunities for students in the domains of LOTE - Chinese, Interpersonal Development, Communication and Thinking Processes.

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