Linking LOTE and Information and Communication Technology

General resources
ICT domain curriculum documents
General advice on LOTE and ICT
LOTE-specific multimedia resources

LOTE & ICT for visualising thinking
ICT tools allow students to clarify thoughts, and to identify patterns and form relationships between new and existing knowledge.

LOTE & ICT for creating
Using ICT tools to create information products in the LOTE

LOTE & ICT for communicating
Students use ICT to present ideas, communicate with people outside the classroom, and to share information with partners, teams and teachers.

Use of ICT in LOTE study can help students:

UK research indicates that students use language more effectively and correctly when ICT is incorporated into teaching and learning (HARRISON, C., et al., 2002, ImpaCT2: The impact of information and communication technologies on pupil attainment).

LOTE teachers should not be expected to devote significant class time to the teaching or assessing of ICT techniques, equipment use or procedures. Students should learn and be assessed in these skills in their dedicated ICT classes. LOTE activities should be designed so that students focus on the language, and make use of existing ICT skills to do their work.

Teachers will benefit from time taken to develop their own skills in using different equipment and software. Collaboration with IT staff can be worthwhile, as students will benefit from regular, on-going access to ICT resources rather than a piecemeal approach. LOTE teachers should pursue opportunities to help IT staff make language/intercultural tasks a context for learning in ICT classes.

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