Dimensions: Movement and physical activity and Health knowledge and promotion

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VCAA: The introduction, learning focus statements and standards for Health and Physical Education

lists the standards and progression points for Health and Physical Education for Levels 1-6 and beyond.

provides support resources for the HPE domain.

These assessment maps are a tool to help teachers assess student work using the HPE standards. They provide a range of annotated student work samples which can be used in conjunction with the progression points to help teachers make consistent and balanced judgments about student achievement.

An example of a multi domain assessment task, where students select appropriate text or captions from a chart to produce a healthy lifestyle poster in the target LOTE.

Go for your life is a Victorian Government initiative which aims to promote healthy eating and increase levels of physical activity. There are many resources on the website which can be adapted for use in the LOTE classroom. One useful resource is a set of fact sheets in English, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese.

The 'Go for your life' Healthy Canteen Kit has been developed to support students making healthy food choices at school and in life. The materials on this website can be adapted for use in the LOTE classroom.

The aim of the Fruit + Veg Program is to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables by primary school children and their families. From this page you can access ideas about good nutrition which can be adapted for use in LOTE programs.


DEECD offers a funding program in conjunction with The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation to oversee the development of Kitchen Garden projects in primary schools across Victoria. The aim of a school kitchen garden project is to pleasurably engage and encourage young Victorians in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing delicious and healthy food in the belief that such skills are essential to the development of life-long joyful and healthy eating habits. The project aims to connect children with the land, to help them understand what it is to nurture the soil and the seeds they plant in it, to live sustainably, and to take responsibility for their own physical wellbeing.

The idea of setting up a kitchen garden where students grow plants to make dishes from a variety of cultures has many benefits for students' educational development, and can be a very engaging and satisfying context for language learning

The S.P.O.R.T Crew is a DEECD and Victorian Institute of Sport initiative. It is part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to encourage participation in sport and physical activity. The S.P.O.R.T Crew aims to promote the value of an active and healthy lifestyle by utilising elite level athletes as role models. This web site also contains information about sports, athlete profiles, events and other community programs. It may be possible to invite an athlete with a family background in the target LOTE to speak to classes.


DrugInfo is part of the Australian Drug Foundation website. These pages offers hundreds of free resources about alcohol and other drugs, including fact sheets, pamphlets and reports. These can be adapted for use in LOTE units of work about youth issues. There are fact sheets and brochures translated into some languages.

The DoE Drug Education website offers resources to assist schools and teachers to implement ongoing improvement in drug education for their students. They can be utilised within all four domains of the Physical, Personal and Social Learning Strand of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, they offer many opportunities for powerful learning, and will assist schools to apply the Principles of Learning and Teaching.

The DoE student wellbeing website has a range of an anti-bullying resources which can be adapted for the LOTE classroom.

information about eating disorders, some in languages other than English

An excellent source of information about healthy eating.

A US website offering fact sheets in many languages about nutrition, healthy eating and diabetes

This is a sample unit of work about fitness, designed for German, but applicable to other LOTEs. It is written by a US teacher, but may be adapted for use with VELS

Another US sample which can be adapted to VELS and other LOTEs: In this unit of work, students learn about basic nutrition, express personal food preferences, learn about the relative healthiness of different diets, and explore the cultural similarities and differences of two countries' eating habits. Students use the target language to count, say the days of the week, and talk about food, mealtime, nutrition, etc.

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