Macedonian Section 00: The Alphabet

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Interactive tasks

1. Азбуката
2. Притисни на буквата
3. Отчукај ја буквата
4. Оттчукај го зборот

Answers and Translations

Language focus

Introduces the Macedonian alphabet and the sounds of each letter.

Students also practise typing Macedonian letters.

Make sure the 'input method' is set to Macedonian for the activities that require students to type the answers.



1. Копирај ја буквата! (pdf 114 kb)
2. Напиши ги зборовите! (pdf 120 kb)
3. Македонска тастатура (pdf 129 kb)
4. Кој звук? (pdf 89 kb)

Answers and Translations

Other resources

Poster: The Aphabet (A3 pdf 270kb) 6 pages that can be joined together to form an alphabet strip
Macedonian keybaord (pdf 40kb) Chart showing the Macedonian keybard layout.

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