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Greek Level 5.0 - A blog post

Task title A blog post
Level 5.0
Pathway & Language category: Pathway 2 (non-Roman Alphabetical)
Task Description This group of students has, with their teacherís help, set up a class blog in which they talk about their Greek studies, and exchange ideas and information with students from their sister school in Greece. The students' current topic is "What I do in my free time". Their task is to post an entry for the class blog, talking about their leisure activities, and inviting comments and responses from the Greek students.
Student products 1. a blog entry
LOTE attributes LOTE attributes
Other attributes General attributes

The LOTE teacher has been actively assessing her studentís work against ICT standards, in collaboration with other subject teachers. The teacher adapted the wording of the selected standards in the finished rubric to the particular student product.

Performance table 3 Columns. Performance descriptors: Below expected level | At expected level | Above expected level
Standards ordered by... 'Domain/Dimension'
Statements beginning with... 'The Student...' For teacher assessment

Finished Rubric

finished rubric

Download rubric: Level 5.0 Greek Blog rubric (doc 49kb)

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