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Italian Level 3.5 - Completing Languages Online topic 7

Task title Completing Languages Online topic 7
Level 3.5
Pathway & Language category: Pathway 1 (Roman Alphabetical)
Task Description The student completes a Languages Online Italian topic focusing on saying one's age and introducing family members. He/she works individually on the online activities and completes the print worksheets.

The teacher observes students as they complete the online tasks and the worksheets.

The teacher asks the student questions about the strategies he/she uses to obtain correct answers. The student demonstrates his/her use of language strategies by explaining to the teacher how he/she decided on appropriate answers, and how different strategies help to understand the language.

Student products 1. multimedia exercises 2. worksheets 3. a question-answer session with the teacher
LOTE attributes LOTE attributes LOTE attributes LOTE attributes
Other attributes None selected
Performance table 3 Columns. Performance descriptors: Unchanged
Standards ordered by... 'Domain/Dimension'
Statements beginning with... 'The Student...' For teacher assessment

Finished Rubric

Finished rubric

Download rubric: Level 3.5 Italian Languages Online rubric (doc 35kb)

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