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Indonesian Level 5.5 - Cartoon narrative

Task title Cartoon narrative
Level 5.5
Pathway & Language category: Pathway 2 (Roman Alphabetical)
Task Description Students have read excerpts from various komik cinta as part of their study of the topic "Friendships and relationships". Their task is to write their own script for a cartoon narrative based on this topic. They then use software and images copied from websites to create a screen-based cartoon story with both text and voice recordings in Indonesian.
Student products 1. a script
2. a screen cartoon story
3. voice recordings
LOTE attributes For a script
LOTE attributes
Other attributes For a script
Non selected
LOTE attributes For a screen cartoon story
LOTE attributes
Other attributes For a screen cartoon story
LOTE attributes

Here the teacher wishes to formally teach and assess some knowledge and skills from the Interdisciplinary Strand: ICT (Creating) Communication (Presenting) and Thinking Processes. The creative composition of frames of a cartoon to enhance the telling of a story taps into skills from these domains.

LOTE attributes For voice recordings
LOTE attributes
Other attributes For voice recordings
Non selected
Performance table 3 Columns. Performance descriptors: Unchanged
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Finished Rubric

finished rubric

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