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LOTE Rubric Maker V1.2 (XP, Vista, Windows 7) (4.6MB) To install click on the link, select 'Run' (or 'Open') and follow the prompts.

Rubric maker planning sheet (Word 49kb) A one-page planning sheet.

Reference Guide (pdf 146kb) A step-by-step guide to using the LOTE Rubric Maker.

What is the LOTE Rubric Maker?
Why use the LOTE Rubric Maker?
Installation and operation
Version history
Further information and help
Understanding 'Student Attributes'
A list of possible 'Student Products'
Tips for creating effective rubrics
Level 2.0 - Indonesian
Level 2.5 - Japanese
Level 3.5 - Italian
Level 4.0 - German
Level 4.25 - Chinese
Level 4.5 - Chinese
Level 4.75 - French
Level 5.0 - Greek
Level 5.0 - German
Level 5.5 - Indonesian
Level5.25 - 5.75 - Japanese
Level 5.75 - French
Level 6.0 - Italian

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The LOTE Rubric Maker saves assessment sheets in Microsoft Word. This allows teachers to amend and adapt the wording of rubrics to suit their particular needs. In these examples the layout or wording may have been changed for several reasons:

What is the LOTE Rubric Maker?

The LOTE Rubric Maker is a free application that you can download and install on your computer.

By working through the easy steps you can create assessment sheets which measure student performance against the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The LOTE Rubric Maker works by finding the standards and progression points that match the selection you make when creating your rubric.

The LOTE Rubric Maker supports a multidisciplinary focus. You can create rubrics to assess knowledge, skills and behaviours not only in LOTE but across the three strands of Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Discipline-based Learning, and Interdisciplinary Learning.

Formatting options allow you to:

Finished rubrics are saved as Microsoft Word documents. This allows you to open and edit the Rubric to suit your particular requirements. Finished rubrics can be personalised via a mail merge with names from your class list.

The LOTE Rubric Maker follows a simple step by step process. Each step has a detailed 'Help' page. The printable 'Reference Guide' (see the link above) also contains useful information.

Why use the LOTE Rubric Maker?

The LOTE Rubric Maker can help you in a variety of ways:

Installation and operation


To install and run the LOTE Rubric Maker the computer must have the following:

Installation in schools

Installation of software in school systems is often restricted. This may mean that only your IT technician is able to install software. Talk to you IT support about how the software is best installed in your school.

The default save path for completed rubrics is the 'My Document' folder.

Version History

Version 1.2 (27th May 2011)

Version 1.1 (8th September 2009)

Further Information and help

Each step of the Rubric Maker has a detailed 'Help' page. Click on the 'Help' icon in the top right hand corner to view the page.

For futher assistance contact the Languages Online Team (

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