Un  séjour à Paris

Si vous alliez à Paris, où est-ce que vous iriez et qu’est-ce que vous feriez?



During the year, your school is planning to visit its partner school in Toulouse , as part of its exchange programme.  A group of twenty students and two teachers will be going. The French school has contacted your teachers this week to suggest you might like to visit Paris before travelling to Toulouse.  Your group will arrive at the Gare du Nord at 16:00, and will leave from your hotel at 18:00 the day after next.  Where will you stay? What will you visit? Where will you go?  Your group will have a reasonable but not excessive budget.



Work in pairs or threes. Using the web links below and other resources provided, plan your activities for the 48 hours in Paris. Find suitable accommodation. Plan a variety of things to do and places to visit. Work out transport, where and what you will eat, entry fees and other estimated costs.


Paris is at your fingertips with your computer. 

1.              Use a combination of the websites listed below, Google Earth and the travel brochures, guide books and maps in the classroom to  decide which places you’d like to visit. 
Decide on a hotel that is centrally located.
3.              Decide exactly what you’d like to do and see and in which order.
4.              Use maps to decide how you’ll get to those places.
5.              Use the websites to gather images for your presentation.
6.          Create a PowerPoint slideshow with text in French, and images, in which you present your Paris itinerary.  
7.     Present your slideshow to the class, explaining your itinerary in French. 



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