Victorian Public Sector Values

The Public Sector Values 

The Public Administration Act 2004 establishes values to guide conduct and performance in the Victorian Public Sector.

The values and the Code of Conduct based on the values provide the foundation of the integrity and accountability framework for all public sector employees.

Values define what is important to an organisation and how things will be done.  In the Victorian public sector, they underpin an employee's interaction with the government, community, suppliers and other employees.

The Department's Values are the Public Sector Values 

Public education, early childhood development and training are critical public services and the jobs we do to provide high quality education services are very important. As employees of the public sector, all Department staff working in Government schools and offices are required to demonstrate the Public Sector Values in accordance with the binding Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has adopted the public sector values which are set out in the Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees , which are Responsiveness, Integrity, Impartiality, Accountability, Respect, Leadership and Human Rights. DET’s Values underpin how we interact with colleagues, learners and families, members of the community, suppliers and Government. We are all required to uphold and demonstrate DET’s Values in our work.

For more information about DET’s Values please take the time to read the materials and tools provided below to support you in understanding DET’s Values and how they apply to the work you do. 

e-Module Learning program 

An e-module has been designed to help you understand DET's Values and how their representative behaviours apply to your role.  This module is one of a suite of modules linked to the Department's commitment to provide respectful workplaces.

The Understanding DET's Values for Schools e-module can be accessed using the link below. 

A Certificate of Completion cannot be generated on completion of the above module.  If you require evidence of completion of the final assessment, please take a screen shot.

The Understanding DET's Values for Corporate/Regional locations e-module should be accessed via the eduPay LearnED module:  eduPay>LearnED>Find Learning

The link below provides a copy of the Corporate/Regional e-module.  A final assessment certificate cannot be generated if accessing the module via this link.


The WORD versions for each of the PDF documents below have been created for system reading software. The content is the same, however the formatting and display is different to accommodate system reader functionality.

School Resources

7 in 7 Values Event Pack

In October 2017 each school campus will receive a Values Event Pack. The pack offers resources to help school leaders host a staff event that explores and celebrates our values.

The pack supplements resources previously supplied by Senior Education Improvement Leaders and at recent Regional Principal Forums and includes new team activities, guides and items to help schools promote our values. School campuses will also receive a large A1 values poster separately in the mail.  

Bringing staff together for an event is a great way to foster relationships and build the positive culture of your school. Using the DET's Values to help frame these discussions through a fun and informal event helps build a shared understanding of your school's vision and our values.

With Respect the focus for October, an event is an excellent opportunity to recognise the achievements of staff and show respect for each other.

The materials in the Values Event Pack are designed to support Principals to introduce, or revisit, DET's Values with staff.

Principals may decide how and when to use the resources and which are the most useful for employees. Resources include:

  • Understanding DET's Values - Schools Guide  (PDF) (WORD)
  • Quick Reference Guide  (PDF) (WORD)
  • DET's Values for School Staff (with facilitator notes)  (PPOINT) (WORD)
  • Team activity - Defining DET's Values at your school (PDF) (WORD)
  • Team Activity - Respect scenarios (PDF) (WORD)
  • Tips and ideas for your values event (PDF) (WORD)

Packs also include "thank you" cards to help recognise and articulate representative behavours as well as A5 flyers, a large poster, fridge magnet and balloons to display at the event or in staff areas.

If you would like to share your reflections about, and cultivation of, DET's Values - please email feedback, photos and stories to

Additional School Resources

  • Team Activity - Scenarios for discussion
  • Email Signature Blocks
    • How to add a Value image to your existing signature block (PDF) (WORD
    • Responsiveness (JPG
    • Integrity (JPG​)
    • Impartiality (JPG)
    • Accountability  (JPG)
    • Respect (JPG)
    • Leadership (JPG)
    • Human Rights (JPG)
    • All 7 Values in one (JPG)
  • Conversation Cards for Schools  (PDF)   (WORD)
  • Facilitation Guide  (PDF)  (WORD)
  • Posters  (PDF

Corporate Resources

  • Email Signature Blocks
    • How to add a Value image to your existing signature block  (PDF)  (WORD
    • Responsiveness  (JPG
    • Integrity  (JPG
    • Impartiality  (JPG
    • Accountability  (JPG
    • Respect  (JPG
    • Leadership  (JPG
    • Human Rights  (JPG
    • All 7 Values in one  (JPG
  • Understanding DET's Values - Corporate Guide  (PDF)  (WORD
  • Conversation Cards for Corporate  (PDF)  (WORD
  • Facilitation Guide  (PDF)  (WORD
  • Posters  (PDF
  • Quick Reference Guide  (PDF)  (WORD
  • DET's Values for Corporate employees  (PPOINT)


Related Topics

Additional Information

Decision making on all human resources matters should be undertaken in accordance with the Department's ethical decision-making model which provides a guide for managers, principals and other employees to follow when thinking through ethical challenges, exploring ethical dilemmas and identifying ethical courses of action. Further information, including the Ethical Decision-making Guide, is available on the Department's integrity portal at Ethical Decision-making.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) also provides guidance on ethics in public sector workplaces:

Contact Information

If you would like to share your story about how you or your staff are demonstrating the Department of Education and Training's Values or to make a suggestion, please email: