Workers' Compensation Management Manual

The Workers' Compensation Management Manuals are intended to be a ‘one stop shop’ resource for Principals and Business Managers in the event of an employee sustaining a work related injury or illness and lodging a workers' compensation claim.

The manuals contain:

  • a step by step guide on the procedures to be followed when processing a workers' compensation claim and managing the return to work of an injured employee
  • an information sheet for the injured employee on workers' compensation entitlements and benefits
  • all the forms required to process and manage a workers' compensation claim
  • advice on the procedures to be followed if a claimant disputes a decision made by the Department’s Workers' Compensation Agent.
  • advice on other sources of information and support on workers' compensation management.

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For employees:

For Managers:

WorkSafe Victoria

More information and forms can be downloaded from the WorkSafe website. For more information, see: