Training Programs

OHS Training

Safe Use of Machinery in Technology

In 2007 DEECD piloted the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) accredited Course in Safe Use of Machinery for Technology Teaching - 21820VIC with course content developed for DEECD by Holmesglen TAFE.

The Course

The purpose of the course is to instruct woodwork and metalwork technology teachers from Government, Independent and Catholic schools in the safe operation and basic maintenance of woodwork and metalwork machinery.

The VRQA accredited course comprises 3 units:

  • Applying OHS Principles to Technology Teaching - VBQU618 – 8hrs Prerequisite - Nil
  • Safely Operate and Maintain Wood Working Machines – VBQU619 – 16hrs  Prerequisite - VBQU618
  • Safely Operate and Maintain Metal Working Machines– VBQU620 – 8 hrs Prerequisite - VBQU618

There will be a competency assessment as part of the training (see below for further information).

Course Providers

The Department sought expressions of interest from suitably qualified TAFEs. The list of course providers to Victorian Government Schools is attached. These TAFEs have the capability to work in partnership with schools in their area/region through their participation in the VET and VCAL courses. The Employee Health Unit has provided course materials and machine safety posters to the selected TAFEs.

Is the course mandatory for woodwork and metalwork teachers?

While the course will not be mandatory the assessment of competency in the safe use of machinery is compulsory. Nevertheless it is expected that the course will be beneficial to all woodwork and metalwork technology teachers as part of their ongoing professional development.


A training fund for technology has been allocated across the 9 regions to December 2009. This regional allocation was calculated based on both the number of secondary and primary/secondary schools in the region and the number of enrollments in those schools.

Required Actions

Contact  your Regional OHS/WorkSafe Advisor to discuss training requirements and course availability. 

For course Content see Managing Technology Risk  

Occupational Violence - Training Program for School Employees

This training program is designed to assist schools to put in place processes to prevent occupational violence and manage incidents if and when they occur. The Occupational Violence training is directed at preventing incidents with outside intruders and members of the community such as parents who are displaying aggressive behaviour towards employees and school Principals. 

In choosing to do the Safety and Security in Schools (Occupational Violence) Training Program you will be asked to consider how your school can be more inclusive of and collaborative with your school community and key stakeholders. This can then strengthen the community’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of school employees.  Elements of the course will also begin a discussion on the practical design measures that can be taken to assist with safety and security.  In order to prepare for this discussion we ask that you complete the school audit prior to the course.

At the end of this practical workshop your school will have discussed and begun to articulate a strategy around safety and security for your school.  You will also have begun mapping out a plan for implementation. 

How Can I Access Training for my School?

Initially, schools that fall into the High Risk or Medium Risk categories (see below) should consider taking part in the training.  

The school is then responsible for selecting employees to attend the training.  If it is not possible to train all staff the school should arrange a representative group from relevant areas of the school to attend the training. This group should include the leadership team and your elected Health and Safety Representative (HSR).

Your trainer will provide an Attendance Record as well as Course Evaluation Sheets.  The trainer will ensure that these records are forwarded to the region at the conclusion of the training. 

Risk Categories 

High Risk = 3 reported Occupational Violence incidents within previous year

Medium Risk = 1 reported Occupational Violence incident within previous year

What to Do

1. Download and complete the Pre Training Checklist and Audit.  This document provides you with the opportunity to more closely examine the situation at your school in relation to Occupational Violence.  Your facilitator will be in touch with you, whereupon the completed checklist can be forwarded to them in the preferred manner. 

Download the Pre Training Checklist and Audit (Word Document) (Word - 122Kb)

Download the Course Manual (PDF - 564Kb)

2. If it is not possible to train all employees it is important  to consider the people that will represent the school at the workshop.  We recommend that you have all areas within the school represented (i.e. Administration, Teaching, Leadership Group, SSSO's, Health and Safety Representative etc.) so that the information can be passed on to those not attending.

3. Contact one of the DEECD Occupational Violence Training providers (PDF - 28Kb) to organise a training session for your school or workplace. Contact  your Regional OHS/WorkSafe Advisor to seek funding for the cost of the course. 

4. It is also worthwhile reading the DEECD policies relating to occupational violence in order to familiarise yourself with the philosophies and policies underpinning this training.  

WorkSafe Training

The Employee Health Unit, in conjunction with CGU Workers Compensation, is presenting and online webinar WorkSafe training program for 2012.

The webinars are targeted at Principals, School Return to Work Coordinators and others who may have responsibility for managing WorkSafe matters. 

Each webinar is being broadcast twice on the day from 10.00 am to 11.00 am, and from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

The program for the year is comprised of four webinar transmissions:

  • Tuesday 6 March 2012: ‘Claims Liability Decision Making and Conciliation Processes’ for business managers, principals and return to work coordinators.
  • Tuesday 20 March 2012: ‘Return to Work Management’ for principals and return to work coordinators.
  • Tuesday 1 May 2012: ‘Claims Management and eduPay Processes’ for business managers and principals.
  • Tuesday 19 June 2012: ‘Mitigating the Incidence of Psychological Injuries: DEECD Support Services’ for principals and return to work coordinators. 


DEECD Mail Circulars providing further details on each webinar and inviting registrations will be emailed to schools three weeks prior to each webinar.

The webinars focus on legislative obligations, claims management, the role of return to work coordinators and the management of the return to work of employees who have suffered psychological or physical injuries.

For further information on DEECD WorkSafe training webinars, please do not hesitate to contact Belinda Owen in the Employee Health Unit on (03) 9637 2441.