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A podcast is a digital recording of a voice or visual presentation that can be downloaded from the internet for playing on a personal audio or video player or on a computer.

The provider of the content makes the audio or video file available on the internet via a URL. This file is then referenced in an XML-based RSS file that contains descriptive information about the podcast, including the link to the file.

The user accesses this RSS file via their podcasting device and downloads the podcast for listening/viewing offline.

No. Checkpoint Source
1.1 Provide a text equivalent to the podcast audio Priority 1
1.2 Provide captions to the podcast video Priority 1
1.3 Where the listening audience cannot follow the podcast with sound alone, the speaker must explain what is happening Priority 1
1.4 Ensure the audio is of a good quality Priority 1
1.5 Compile a list of topic-specific words and phrases for the transcriber Priority 1
1.6 The podcast text equivalent or the link to it must be prominantly displayed so that it can be found Priority 2

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