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Checkpoint 10.3 - Core

All long pages have anchor links to logical sections of the page and have Back to top links

WCAG 1.0 Priority 3

WCAG Guideline 13. Provide clear navigation mechanisms.

Breaking content of the page into logical chunks and having the content headings as links at the top of the page allows users to get to the information directly, reducing scrolling and scanning. This is especially important for long pages with a large amount of information.

Back to top links add to usability of the site by minimising scrolling and allowing user to return back to the headings list quickly.


Ensure that anchor links appear at the top of pages and that link to logical sections on the page. Also ensure that Back to top links are logically positioned on long pages.


The WebCMS automatically generates the list of headings and inserts Back to top links but it is important to ensure that large chunks of information are divided into smaller manageable parts.

Checking Tool

Browse the web page content in the browser to see if it contains long sections of content and if anchor tags and Back to top links have been adequately supplied.

Information Source

The original source of this information is located on the W3C web site  (www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10-TECHS/#tech-nav-bar)


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