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Site Delivery Requirements

Browser Platforms

All web pages residing on departmental website must be tested and able to function on the following list of browswers:

PC Platform

  • Internet Explorer 7 and above
  • Firefox 3.x
  • Safari 5.x
  • Chrome 9.x

Mac Platform

  • Safari 5.x
  • Firefox 3.x

Directory Structure

Each site is a directory of the main site which contains web pages, images, downloadable documents, working documents and artwork used in developing and editing designs of sites. These are all sorted into appropriate subdirectories.

The following subdirectory structure must be produced to contain the web site files. Note: all subdirectory names must be in lower case.

Reqired web site structure


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Development Environment

All development must take place in Dreamweaver MX or above, with all pages being built from a main Dreamweaver template, unless otherwise negotiated.

Web sites produced for the Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Unit (KSCU) must not be developed using frames, layers or cookies. All pages must be well-formed and valid HTML 4.01 documents and all visual formatting must be separated from document structure using CSS stylesheets.

Relative referencing must be used within the web site and must be relative to the document as opposed to the web site root.

Unsupported Development Platforms

The web development platforms Cold Fusion and Microsoft Front Page and Office Extensions are not supported by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development due to co-existence, supportability or licensing issues.

Use of Advanced Technologies

If the project uses any of the following technologies, please consult the KSCU Team prior to any development for the DEECD environment.

  • SQL
  • ASP
  • Server side scripting
  • Authentication and securities
  • ADO

Any specialist CGI/Database/Advanced Multimedia on new sites needs to be checked by or discussed with the KSCU team to ensure that the department can maintain and run particular programs.

Please consult the KSCU Team for clarification if developing with any of the following technologies:

  • Flash
  • Director
  • Database driven

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