Training and Qualifications - Victorian Children's Services

Research indicates that the levels of training and qualifications of staff are key determinants of the quality of children’s services. The Children’s Services Act 1996 and Children’s Services Regulations 2009 prescribe requirements for the training and qualifications of staff members of licensed children’s services.

These include:

Additional Documents

Transitional Arrangements Fact Sheet (pdf - 82.15kb) and Transitional Arrangements Fact Sheet (docx - 92.1kb) – many of the above requirements have transitional provisions that provide services and staff members time to comply with the requirements.

Professional Development Course – certain staff members and family day carers with substantial experience in their fields may be eligible to complete a professional development course in lieu of completing minimum training.

Assessment of Qualifications for Equivalence – if your qualification does not appear in the Schedule you can apply to have your qualification assessed for equivalence.

Other workforce initiatives

A range of supports are available for the early childhood workforce. For more information see: Careers in Early Childhood