Register of Victorian Children's Services

The Department maintains a register of Victorian children’s services operating under the Children's Services Act 1996 and Children's Services Regulations 2009, (the Victorian children's services legislation).

Services under Victorian Law

Approximately 400 services operate under the Victorian children’s services legislation. These services include all limited hours and short-term licensed services and a small number of services that currently hold a standard licence.

These services generally provide:

  • occasional care
  • care in early childhood intervention 
  • mobile and outreach settings.

Services under National Law

There are over 4,100 education and care services approved under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010. For more information on education and care services under the National Framework, see: National Quality Framework

List of services under Victorian Law

The Department has moved these services to a new database. All licensed children's services regulated under the Victorian children's services legislation have been assigned a new licence ID. This new ID is reflected on certificates issued by the Department. The format of the new licence ID will be SE-000XXXXX. The new licence ID can be viewed in the list of Victorian Children's Services provided below.

Please reference the licence ID when contacting the Department.

You can download a list containing all services operating under the Children's Services Act 1996 and Children's Services Regulations 2009.

For more information see:

The extract includes:

  • service name
  • address
  • suburb
  • state
  • postcode
  • service phone
  • service mobile
  • service email
  • licensee / approved provider name
  • maximum number of children.

Complete register

To order, please send a letter with a cheque for $42.70 made payable to Department of Education and Training to:

Children’s Services Register
Quality Assessment and Regulation Division
Department of Education and Training
GPO Box 4367
Melbourne VIC 3001

Complete Register includes:

  • data from the Register for Victorian Law services
  • licence Start Date
  • licence End Date
  • primary Nominee
  • name of licensee representative
  • licence type.

Your letter should include whether you would prefer a paper copy, disc copy or an email copy. You can also make your request by email to: