Research and Evidence for Integrated Children's Services

Understanding best practice needed to support integrated children's services requires research and investigation into evidence based practices. This area provides current information on best practice approaches to the establishment and operation of children's services.

Evaluation of Victorian Children’s Centres – Literature Review

This literature review was conducted by the Centre for Community Child Health in collaboration with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to identify best practice approaches to the establishment and operation of children’s hubs.

The review examined:

  • best practice models both nationally and internationally related to the development of integrated children’s hubs 
  • examples of innovative centre governance arrangements that promote service integration and include parents in decision-making roles 
  • the extent to which children’s hubs contribute to improved access to early childhood education for children, provide support for families, promote community cohesion and reduce the impact of social isolation 
  • barriers that impact on the establishment and operation of integrated services within children’s hubs 
  • enablers that promote integrated service delivery
  • the extent to which children’s hubs encourage communication between staff and families and collaborative practice between service providers.

The review identified a considerable amount of research and practice evidence about multi-agency collaboration and partnerships. It found mixed evidence that indicated building and maintaining true collaboration can be complex and take time. However, much has been learned and the features of effective collaboration are clear.