Integrated Children's Services

Integrated Children's Services enhance the ability of families to access early childhood services in one location. Find research, evidence and guiding tools for how to best set up and operate an integrated service.

The 2011 Victorian Families Statement highlighted that nothing is more important for the future prosperity of families than a good education, starting in early childhood.

The Victorian Government is committed to increasing access to high-quality early childhood services for all Victorian children by working with parents and communities to develop a sustainable model for children's services facilities.  

The integration of services makes life easier and less stressful for your family by enhancing your access to education and care. Improved family engagement, streamlined service delivery and earlier diagnosis of children’s health and developmental problems are outcomes of the integrated children's services model.

Integrated services allow children and families to receive high quality kindergarten education and to also access long day care, Early Childhood Intervention Services, maternal and child health services and family support services. Integrated services also allow for a range of complementary services to be available within each centre, including playgroups, parenting groups or programs, occasional care, outside school hours care and the availability of community space for local activities.

For further information, see: 

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