The Child Safe Standards

​​To create and maintain a child safe organisation, organisations to which the child safe standards apply must have:

  1. strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety, including through effective leadership arrangements
  2. a child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety
  3. a code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children
  4. screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel
  5. processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse
  6. strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse
  7. strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children.

Each of the child safe standards incorporates the following principles:

  • promoting the cultural safety of Aboriginal children
  • promoting the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • promoting the safety of children with a disability.

Support for schools and early childhood education providers

The initial focus of the child safe standards will be awareness raising and capacity building to assist organisations create and maintain child safe environments.

Many organisations have existing policies and procedures which aim to keep children safe. The child safe standards are intended to build on these measures to improve child safety in organisations.

There will be information sessions over the coming months about the standards. Government will also work with key peak bodies to assist them to support organisations in their sector to meet the standards.

Capacity-building tools, such as guidance materials, training, model policies and online resources, are being developed to assist school and early childhood services to create and maintain child safe environments.

More information

If you require further information please contact Myra White, Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division, at

Early childhood services can email queries to

Organisations can also contact the Department of Health and Human Services for further information:

Website: Department of Health and Human Services
Phone: 9096 0000

For further information about the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry response, see: Department of Justice and Regulation