National Occasional Care Programme

​The National Occasional Care Programme aims to increase access to flexible, seasonal and sessional child care, particularly for families in rural, regional and remote areas. The programme enables parents to participate in a range of day to day activities (for example casual or seasonal work, recreational classes, respite or medical appointments) while their children socialise and interact with other children in an early childhood education and care setting.

Service funding

National Occasional Care Programme funding is provided on the basis of each effective full-time (EFT) place. More than one child can occupy one funded EFT place and it is expected that several children will occupy one place in any given week. The funding rates are outlined in Table 1 below:

        ​Table 1: National Occasional Care funding rates ​
       Year                        Funding per child per hour
​        2015​$2.50

For more details about the National Occasional Care Programme, see: