Kindergarten Information Management (KIM) system

​The Kindergarten Information Management system (KIM) is an online web-based system for kindergarten funding applications, data collection, and reporting.

The system is designed to reduce the administrative and reporting requirements for services. Using information collected through previous reporting cycles, KIM pre-populates funding allocations for each service and only requires services to update information as circumstances change.

KIM is used by funded service providers to:

  • apply for kindergarten funding for children in the year prior to school
  • apply for Early Start Kindergarten funding
  • update service or service provider details
  • complete mandatory data collection processes
  • add and update workforce information
  • add and update program details
  • submit declarations of eligibility for a second year of funded kindergarten
  • commence, re-commence and cease funding to a service​

Accessing the system - eduPass

Each funded service provider has one person designated as an Organisation Administrator who is responsible for inviting other users from their organisation to register for KIM.

For instructions on registering for KIM, see:

To access the system, see: Kindergarten Information Management system
Edumail account required

Data collection

In order to receive ongoing kindergarten funding, service providers are required by the Department to provide up-to-date information.

Information about the service provider, service, workforce, children and funded kindergarten program must be updated annually and during the year as required.

Annual confirmation of kindergarten program data

Funded service providers must confirm data about the funded kindergarten program through the annual confirmation process.

Data about the early childhood teachers, other educators, the program and enrolments must be submitted in KIM in order to complete the annual confirmation process for a service.

Once all required data is entered in KIM, the data for the service can be confirmed. Actual annual funding will be calculated based on this confirmed data.

Kindergarten census data collection

The kindergarten census data collection is completed in KIM in August each year. Services must provide attendance details for each child enrolled and information on fees paid during the National Kindergarten Census Week. 

Service providers should ensure that their child and teacher data is current prior to commencing the kindergarten census form. Census guidance is available from System Support below.

KIM system support

All funded service providers currently delivering a kindergarten program have access to the KIM system. Use the relevant quick reference guides to assist you in accessing, navigating and entering data.

Quick reference guides

Annual Confirmation

Accessing KIM

Service/Program Administration



Technical support

For specific technical questions or for support in entering data, contact the dedicated Helpdesk on 1800 614 810 or email:

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