Minor infrastructure refurbishment grants

​Purpose of the grant

This grant is a contribution towards the cost of a small refurbishment project designed to enhance the quality of education and care for children at a funded kindergarten program.

The grant can be used to improve any indoor or outdoor spaces used by children during the program particularly where they are designed to improve access for children of all abilities.

This grant cannot be used for:

  • routine maintenance works
  • cosmetic upgrades
  • staff offices
  • other areas not used as part of the delivery of the program
  • the purchase of consumables.

The grant can be used by facilities that are on the Department’s bushfire at-risk register to make bushfire preparations such as the installation of gutter guards.

Funding available and project completion

Organisations can apply for up to $10,000 (ex GST) per minor infrastructure refurbishment grant. There is no mandatory co-contribution.

Projects funded through these grants should be completed within six months of the funding being received.

Eligible organisations

These organisations are eligible to apply: 

  • Local government.
  • Not-for-profit community organisations offering a funded kindergarten program.
  • Early years management organisations.
  • Government schools offering a funded kindergarten program.

If the applicant is not the building owner it is mandatory that they have written evidence of permission from the building owner to undertake the proposed works.

Funding cannot be applied to services operated by or on non-government school sites.

Assessment criteria

Applications must demonstrate that the project will contribute to improving the indoor and / or outdoor space used by the children.

Priority will be given to: 

  • services located in areas with high levels of disadvantage and vulnerable populations (as indicated by Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas data) 
  • services with higher levels of children under 5 years old (as indicated in Australian Early Development Census data) 
  • grant applications that seek improvements to access for children of all abilities.

Consideration will also be given to the geographic distribution of grants, with an objective to ensure all metropolitan, regional and rural areas have access to grants.


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