2017-18 Information Technology Grants

Purpose of grant

This grant is a contribution to the cost of the purchase of desktops, laptops, tablets, and televisions for services for administrative use or for use as part of the learning program. If an applicant is successful in receiving an Information Technology Grant, accessories that enable support of the major purchase will be accepted, this includes items such as wall brackets for Smart TVs. 

Funding available

Organisations can apply for up to $1,500 (ex GST) per Information Technology Grant. 

Eligible organisations

The following organisations are eligible to apply for an Information Technology Grant:

  • community-based, stand-alone kindergartens
  • early years management organisations.

Funding cannot be applied to services operated by schools and/or on non-government school sites.

Note: when a kindergarten service is operated by an early years management organisation, the organisation must be the applicant.

Assessment criteria

Applications will require a brief statement that specifies the need for new information technology hardware.

Applicants are able to apply for both an Information Technology Grant and one of either a Minor Infrastructure Expansion Grant or a Minor Infrastructure Refurbishment Grant. Priority will be given to services located in areas with high levels of disadvantage and vulnerable populations, and those with higher levels of children under 5 years old (as indicated in AEDC and SEIFA data). Consideration will also be given to the geographic distribution of grants, with an objective to ensure all metropolitan, regional and rural areas have access to grants.

Services that received a Minor Information Technology Grant in the 2016-17 round are ineligible to apply for the Grant in the 2017-18 round, and services that received the Grant in 2015-16 will be prioritised below other applicants. Note that service providers that received a grant in 2016-17 for a service are eligible to apply for the same grant category for other services.

Application process

Applications for the 2017-18 minor grants have now closed.