Professional Learning

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework

The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) supports all professionals who work with children from birth to eight years by providing a common language for describing outcomes for children, and describing practice principles to guide early childhood professionals to work together, with children and with families to achieve the best outcomes for every child.

The following information will help you make decisions about your service's professional learning options. 

Is your service ready for coaching on the VEYLDF?

The Department has developed a self-assessment rubric for services to use to determine their readiness for coaching on the VEYLDF. The rubric uses selected standards and elements from the National Quality Framework that relate most specifically to those conditions identified as enablers for effective engagement with coaching in the VEYLDF.

The rubric was developed in response to an evaluation by Dr Delwyn Goodrick of the Victorian Framework Coaching Program that ran from 2011-2013 in 54 services across Victoria.

For the self-assessment rubric and the Department's response to the coaching program evaluation, see: Lessons from Coaching in the VEYLDF (doc - 243.5kb)Lessons from Coaching in the VEYLDF (pdf - 163.23kb)

For further information on the evaluation of the coaching program, including useful insights into the best conditions for coaching in the VEYLDF, see:

VEYLDF online modules

Four modules of professional learning are available on FUSE to support early childhood professionals to embed the VEYLDF in daily practice. Each module contains short videos with examples, exercises suitable for individual or team use, and supporting materials.