Supporting Children in Out-of-Home Care

The Early Childhood Agreement for Children in Out-of-Home Care aims to increase the participation of children in high quality childhood education and care.

What is the Early Childhood Agreement for Children in Out-of-Home Care?

The Early Childhood Agreement for Children in Out-of-Home Care (the Agreement) aims to increase the participation of young children in Out-of-Home Care (OoHC) in high quality early childhood education and care (ECEC), with a particular focus on Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and kindergarten services.

OoHC is a temporary, medium or long-term living arrangement for children and young people who cannot live in their family home. Around 1,400 Victorian children aged 0-4 years live in OoHC at any one time. Participation in high quality ECEC services has the capacity to make a significant difference to the lives of these children.

The Agreement represents a shared commitment by the key parties to better support young children living in OoHC to access MCH and kindergarten services by:

  • identifying shared aspirations for improving participation and engagement of children in ​OoHC in early childhood services
  • building capacity, collaboration and accountability across the service system
  • setting out clear roles and responsibilities for the different elements of the service system to support a timely, informed and collaborative approach
  • meeting the individual needs of all young children entering OoHC outlining a process for implementation of the Agreement and for monitoring outcomes.

The Agreement was signed in March 2014 as a partnership between the following organisations:

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The Agreement complements the Out-of-Home Care Education Commitment (pdf - 1,019.23kb) which outlines the roles and responsibilities for relevant agencies in supporting children and young people in the school system. To read the commitment in full, see:

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