Literacy and Numeracy Week

Activities to promote literacy and numeracy

With texts

  • Read and share a range of books and other texts with children
  • Provide a literacy-enriched environment including display print in home languages and Standard Australian English
  • Incorporate familiar family and community texts and tell stories
  • Engage children in discussions about books and other texts that promote consideration of diverse perspectives.

Verbally and non-verbally

  • Mimic and respond to babies’ sound to encourage them to communicate
  • Listen to and respond to children’s attempts at new words
  • Engage in sustained communication with children about ideas and experiences, and extend their vocabulary
  • Include real-life resources to promote children’s use of mathematical language
  • Create stories with children using artistic methods such as painting or drawing or using songs or plays.

Using media

  • Provide resources that encourage children to experiment with images and print
  • Join in children’s play and co-construct materials such as signs that extend the play and enhance literacy learning.

Using technology

  • Provide children with access to a range of technologies
  • Try creating a digital story with the children
  • Teach skills and techniques and encourage children to use technologies to explore new information and represent their ideas
  • Encourage collaborative learning about and through technologies between children, and children and educators.

With patterns and symbols

  • Show children patterns in their environment and talk about how they are used, including the relationship between letters and sounds
  • Provide children with access to a wide range of everyday materials that they can use to create patterns and to sort, categorise, order and compare
  • Engage children in discussions about symbol systems, for example, letters, numbers, time, money and musical notation
  • Encourage children to develop their own symbol systems and provide them with opportunities to explore a range of symbol systems.

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