Activity Ideas

Girl with a face painting

Children’s Week is a time to celebrate the talents and achievements of Victorian children and how precious they are in all of our lives. 

There are lots of ways for kindergartens, playgroups and child care services to get involved in Children’s Week. Here are some ideas:

  • Open Day – invite locals to come and visit your centre and learn about what you have to offer
  • Dress up day – invite children to dress up as their favourite character from a book, or in their favourite costume or host a themed day e.g. pirate and fairie
  • Cultural diversity – share the different cultures of the children through stories, food and art and craft projects
  • Get kids active – invite parents to attend a morning or afternoon of active fun
  • Special Friends Day – invite parents, grandparents or special friends to come along to your kindergarten for the day
  • Breakfast / morning tea at kinder – invite parents, grandparents or special friends to join the children for a Children’s Week breakfast or morning tea
  • Art Exhibition – exhibit your children's art and craft at a local shopping centre, library or other venue
  • Celebrate Children’s Week with a local school – organise a joint lunch or a visit to a school computer room or art class
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be...Day – invite parents to speak about their careers or local community workers such as firemen or police officers to come and chat about what they do at work
  • My Favourite Book Day – invite children to bring their favourite book and dress up as their favourite character
  • Tree Planting Day – children can plant a tree and then look after 'their' tree for the rest of the year
  • Hold a concert where children can perform for their families and each other
  • The Things We Love – get your children to paint or paste their favourite things or people they love onto a big mural artwork and then display this in your kindergarten or in your local shopping centre or library
  • Build a Library or Book Borrowing Program – encourage parents and children to donate a book from home to their child care centre or kindergarten during Children’s Week – the books collected will then be lent to other children
  • Information Sessions – conduct information sessions for parents on the value of learning through play, on what to expect during your child's kindergarten year or promoting an interest in reading to their children
  • Celebrate Success – create a mural that depicts your child care centre or kindergarten’s strengths and its links to your local community.

You don’t have to do it alone. Why not join with another local kindergarten, child care centre or school to hold a special event or activity?