Assumptions About Reflective Practice


  • To introduce you to some statements about reflective practice and challenge your assumptions.
  • To support you to examine reflective practice further.

Individual action

  1. Click here to view and print the Assumption Challenge (pdf - 23.88kb) activity sheet.
  2. Put a mark along the continuum that most represents your view and consider the questions on the sheet.

Group action

This activity can be done by a group with a facilitator. The manager/coordinator may want to nominate a facilitator to manage this activity.

Rather than a paper-based activity, this activity could be run as a Corners activity. Print the Four Large Signs (pdf - 23.74kb) Agree, Disagree, Strongly Agree, Strongly Disagree. Place one sign in each corner.

Use overhead screens to display each statement about reflective practice. Ask participants to move to the corner that most reflects their view. Those who are undecided go to the middle of the room. Participants put forward their view in their small groups and then to the whole group. Participants are given an opportunity to shift their position after listening to other participants’ views. The facilitator throughout the activity can draw out points of similarity and difference.