Resources for MCH Nurses

The following resources are designed to support nurses in their day to day operations.


Forms commonly used by MCH Nurses:

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Practice resources


    Play, Learn, Grow posters are available for download by clicking each link;
    For the eight Play, Learn, Grow postcards that are included in the Key Ages and Stages packs., see: Additional Resources.  

Autism: Early signs of identification

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development funded The Centre of Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology, Monash University, to deliver the Autism Secondary Consultation and Training Strategy (ACTNOW). In 2011 as part of this strategy, professional development was provided to the Maternal and Child Health nurses by the ACTNOW training group. This professional development included an update of current research which acknowledges that parents recognise developmental concerns and signs of autism in their children early.

Inclusion of red flags on the Maternal and Child Health PEDS Tipsheets

The MCH PEDS Tip sheets for the 8, 12, 18 months and 2 and 3.5 years consultations now includes these red flags.

These small red flags alert the MCH nurse to the prompts on these PEDS tip sheets that are important not only from a developmental point of view but also relate to some early signs of autism and form the basis of a thorough surveillance protocol. On the reverse side of these tip sheets, you will find additional information about the early signs of autism relevant to that particular age and stage.


Note that these do not appear in the Maternal and Child Health Service: Practice Guidelines2009.

Infant sleep

Victorian infant hearing screening program (VIHSP)

Resources from external stakeholders

The following resources may be used by MCH nurses, but are not provided by the Department. Nurses should contact the provider directly.


See: VicRoads Bookshop

Use the search box or follow one of the subject links to find the required brochures.  There is no cost for items.

Note: The Choosing and Using Child Restraints brochure distributed at the two week consultation can still be sourced directly from the MCH Service at the Department.

‘Get set 4 life’ booklet

To download the booklet, see: Australian Government – Department of Health and Ageing

This resource has been translated into six other languages. 

Caterpillar artwork

To download the caterpillar, see KAS Caterpillar Artwork.

More information

  • Anaphylaxis Australia - information on management and treatment of anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction) as well as resources, activites, products
  • Better Health Channel - a Victorian Government site covering a wide range of health information and a health services guide with details of practitioners
  • Bladder and Bowel Health - provides information about the prevention and management of bladder and bowel problems for all ages and backgrounds.
  • Blue Book - guidelines for the control of infectious diseases
  • Dental Health Services Victoria – oral health information including translated Tooth Tips and resources such as Teeth: Oral Health for Maternal & Child Health Nurses manual.  Also provides information on public oral health services including clinic locations and eligibility criteria.
  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre  provides training and resources for professionals who work with women and children who have experienced family violence. Pamphlets for women who experience violence can be ordered from the Centre or downloaded from the website.
  • Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies  - a program that aims to reduce the burden of chronic disease by addressing maternal risk behaviours and providing support during pregnancy.
  • Immunisation - immunisation schedules for babies and children
  • PANDA - Post and Antenatal Depression Association.
  • Parenting Research Centre - provides education, training, research and demonstration services to support professionals working in the parenting field. The centre co-ordinates a number of programs and links agencies, facilitating the sharing of research related parenting information. It also provides a varied range of support in the integration of these initiatives into a sound framework for parenting service delivery for Victorian families.
  • Poisons Information Centre - the Victorian Poisons Information Centre provides a timely, safe information service for poisonings and suspected poisonings.
  • Quit Victoria - resources and information about quitting smoking.
  • Raising Children Network - a comprehensive range of information on parenting of children from newborns to school age.
  • Royal Children's Hospital - Child Safety Centre - aims to reduce unintentional injury through: education programs, information and advice, legislative reform and improved product and environmental design. Resources and services include a home safety shop, telephone advisory service, safety seminars,a national child safety library and product and design consultancy.
  • Royal Children's Hospital - Community Paediatric Review - a six-page publication distributed quarterly to child and family health nurses around Australia. Each edition includes a one-page information sheet for parents.
  • SunSmart - information to help achieve a healthy UV exposure balance to ensure adequate vitamin D levels are maintained and skin and eye damage and skin cancer risk is minimised.