My Learning History


  • To understand yourself as a learner by reflecting on how you learnt during your life.

Individual action

1. Create your own learning history timeline using the My Learning History (pdf - 18.89kb) activity sheet.


StageWrite about a time when you remember learning somethingHow did I learn?
Before schoolI remember learning to open my lunchbox in preparation for going to school.Mum had shown me and then I tried it for myself, and kept trying until I could do it easily.

When filling in the activity sheet think about something you can remember 'learning' during the different stages of your life. Briefly describe that experience and then try to 'categorise' how you were learning. To assist you to 'categorise' how you were learning, you can use the Examples of Learning Styles (pdf - 26.28kb) information sheet.

2. Take a moment to think about (or discuss with colleagues):

  • What does your learning history tell you about yourself as a learner? What is your preferred learning style?
  • What do you find helps you learn?
  • What do you find hinders your learning?
  • What are the possibilities for using different learning strategies in your workplace?

Group action

This activity can be done as a round-robin exercise with a group of colleagues and a facilitator.

Each table represents a particular stage (pre-school, tertiary). Participants rotate round the room visiting each table. At the table they discuss and fill in a large learning history activity sheet. The activity sheet on each table relates to the particular stage. Use the Stages – Learning History (pdf - 26.28kb) activity sheets for the tables.

Once all participants have visited all tables, a facilitated discussion is held. Use the questions below to draw out some comparisons between the responses:

  • Is there a preferred learning style at the different stages?
  • Is there a preferred learning style for this group?
  • What may be the benefits to a MCH nurse in having an auditory learning style? (Why is being able to learn through hearing and listening important?)
  • Have you ever stopped to think about how your clients or colleagues learn?
  • How do you explain things to parents?
  • How do you explain things to colleagues?