Child Growth eLearning

​Welcome to the ‘Measuring and monitoring growth in the early years’ learning resource. Allow approximately two hours to complete the resource and quiz; or longer for the background reading and references. You can leave the resource and return any time.

The purpose of the learning resource is to assist maternal and child health nurses assessing children's growth. The tool is divided into 4 main sections:

  • The learning tool − best practice guidelines for growth measurement, plotting, assessment and the different growth charts in use
  • Links to further indepth information and references
  • Resources − download fact sheets
  • Certificate of completion.

The learning objectives for the tool are:

  • to implement best practice techniques for weighing, measuring and monitoring the growth of children from birth to school entry
  • to ensure the most appropriate equipment for weighing and measuring children
  • to understand the similarities and difference between growth charts in use in Victoria
  • to understand the principles of growth monitoring, plotting and markers of poor growth requiring further assessment.

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