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See here for links to websites relating to early childhood development including international reviews online and other international website resources.

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Major international reviews online

The following publications contain reviews of the evidence to date surrounding early childhood.

They include education, health and social interventions and have followed their outcomes over time. Together they form a compelling argument for a broad approach to early childhood:


General guides to Internet resources

  • What's new in early childhood  - a collection of services and links targeted to educators working with children from 0-8 years. Maintained by EdNA (Education Network Australia) in collaboration with the Australian Early Childhood Association.
  • Raising Children Network  - the Australian Parenting website



  • Head Start  - US Government Head Start program for low income children and their families
  • Early Head Start  - (infants and toddlers) national resource centre (USA)
  • Early childhood centers - design, quality and safety  - links to resources on design guidelines, quality indicators and safety requirements for American and international early childhood facilities. From the US National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities


  • Founders Network  - Canadian research group. The Early Years section has Fraser Mustard's slides from talks around the world. Includes examples of community capacity building initiatives in Canada, follow up actions to the Early Years Study report. See the Resources section for reading lists compiled by Fraser Mustard.
  • Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services  - Children's Secretariat. Includes: Reversing the real brain drain: final report of the Early Years Study conducted by Fraser Mustard in PDF.