The Municipal Association of Victoria has recently implemented Patchwork to assist early childhood practitioners and agencies transform the way they interact with each other and vulnerable families in maternal and child health, and youth services.

Patchwork is a simple web site that helps to connect practitioners from different agencies who have common clients. Patchwork can help simplify the myriad of systems that have emerged over the years to support clients, but all too often appear complex and difficult to access for those families that need additional support.

You will be able to:

  • add and maintain contact details for yourself, clients and practitioners
  • see at a glance which agencies are working with clients and how to contact them
  • invite others into a team working with a client
  • raise an issue about a client so that everyone supporting the client is aware• email the practitioners that are supporting a client from Patchwork
  • look up contact details for other agencies and practitioners

By connecting practitioners or the "team" around the client, Patchwork will facilitate sharing of information between practitioners, supporting the early identification of needs. Patchwork is a complementary tool to support practice and does not replace the more detailed client record.

The Department supports the use of Patchwork by early childhood practitioners working in Department of Education and Training funded services. The Department has conducted a privacy review to ensure that Patchwork complies with Victorian Privacy Legislation and continues to work with the Municipal Association of Victoria to ensure that Patchwork complies with relevant legislation and policy.

Administration and management of Patchwork is undertaken by the Municipal Association of Victoria. The Department does not provide support to practitioners or agencies to implement Patchwork.

For a video explaining Patchwork, system documentation and legal and compliance information, see: Municipal Association of Victoria.

If you would like to use Patchwork in your role, please contact for further information, to request access, or for technical support.