Training and Qualifications

Maternal and child health nurse 

To practice in Victoria, maternal and child health nurses must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority (AHPRA) and:

  • be a Division 1 registered nurse
  • be a registered midwife
  • hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Child Health.

Before starting maternal and child health studies, at least one year’s experience as a midwife is preferable. Midwives have traditionally undertaken a three-year university degree in nursing and then completed a postgraduate qualification in midwifery to be eligible for registration. More recently, three-year university degrees in midwifery and double degrees have commenced in Victoria.

Suitable qualifications include: Bachelor of Nursing (three years); Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Midwifery (four years); Postgraduate studies in nursing, depending on interest/area of specialisation.

For more information on the training required to qualify as a maternal and child health nurse, see: Maternal and Child Health Nurse Qualifications

School nurse 

To work as a nurse, including a school nurse, you’ll need to be a Registered Nurse Division 1 nurse with the AHPRA.

Suitable qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Nursing (three years)
  • Postgraduate Studies in Nursing, depending on interest/area of specialisation)

Professional development opportunities

A range of professional development opportunities and resources are available to support the ongoing learning of health professionals in the early childhood sector.

For more information regarding professional development, see: MCH Professional Development 

For more information regarding resources for early childhood health professionals, see: MCH Resources