Early childhood careers in health include nursing professionals who look after babies, young children, parents and school communities.​

Maternal and child health nurse

Maternal and child health (MCH) nurses play a vital role in the early childhood sector supporting the development, health and wellbeing of babies and toddlers.

Maternal and child health nurses work in local government, parenting centres and community health services in metropolitan, regional and rural locations. They provide care and monitoring and run educational programs to assist parents and help them to develop supportive social networks.

Fiona Ryan, maternal and child health nurse: 

'Working with small children and their families is very rewarding. I feel privileged that families allow me to work with them. 

I really enjoy getting to know the family and travelling with them on their journey, watching their confidence grow and develop. It is also lovely when they go on and have more children.

I also enjoy working with families from different cultural backgrounds. I learn a lot from them as they have experiences, beliefs and values that sometimes challenge me. I have learned to respect and support them while imparting the information and guidance required of my role.'

For further information about being a maternal child health nurse, see:

Maternal and Child Health Nurse fact sheet (pdf - 223.55kb) | Word (docx - 377.03kb)

Primary school nurse

School nurses work in a variety of government and non-government primary education services in metropolitan, regional and rural locations. They promote child health and wellbeing and assist in early identification of children with potential health related learning difficulties.

Helen O’Shea, visiting primary school nurse:

'My particular inspiration is in trying to make a positive change for young children, no matter how subtle, to help them achieve at school, at home and with their friends.

Often the challenging times are the most inspiring, when a child is in desperate need for intervention to ensure their safety, wellbeing or health. A career in early childhood is one of the most rewarding experiences.'

For further information about being a primary school nurse, see:

Primary School Nurse fact sheet (pdf - 226.35kb) | Word (docx - 378.18kb)