Educators and teachers work in a range of early childhood settings including long day care, family day care, occasional care, kindergarten and outside school hours care.

Early childhood teacher

Early childhood teachers play a vital role in the early childhood sector to support the learning, development, health and wellbeing of young children, including babies and toddlers. They work in a variety of government and non-government pre-school care and education settings in metropolitan, regional or rural locations.

Petrina Boles, kindergarten teacher:

'Every day I go to work wondering what adventures we will have today. I love that the children are as excited to see me each day as I am to see them. I really get a kick from the sheer, unbridled excitement they show when they have learned something new or made a discovery for themselves that they can’t wait to share. The children blow my mind daily, grasping high-level concepts and understandings. I have ‘goosebump’ moments every day.

No two days are the same, and my role involves changing ‘hats’ quickly, seamlessly, and at times, repeatedly: educator, carer, singer, observer, meal provider, storyteller, medic, hug distributor, umpire, counsellor, environmental scientist, pirate, missing sock detective, dance teacher, photographer.'

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Early childhood educator

Early childhood educators were previously known as kindergarten assistants, child care workers or child care assistants. The new title reflects the importance of play-based learning in fostering children’s growth and development in their early years. Early childhood educators play a vital role in the early childhood sector. They work in a variety of education settings in metropolitan, regional or rural locations.

Robert Nguyen, early childhood educator:

'I still view working with children as a privilege. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that by engaging with them and teaching them you can influence who they are and what they’ll become. It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve been a part of children’s lives, even for a short time, and that I’ve been able to build strong connections with them.

Early childhood may not always be easy but it’s most definitely a rewarding career. Early childhood educators have the opportunity to shape a child’s growth and development in a very positive way. It can be challenging at times but you’ll have lots of fun too.'

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Educational leader

An early childhood educational leader is responsible for working with educators and children to develop a program of activities and experiences that support learning. The leader must have knowledge and experience about the way children learn and about quality educator practice as their role is also about promoting positive educational philosophies. They work in metropolitan, rural and remote areas including Aboriginal communities.

Lori Farchione-Zappia, kindergarten teacher and educational leader:

'I was always drawn to children as I truly wanted make a difference in their lives. I wanted to be a different kind of educator where I could support children’s agency in learning and create a physical environment where learning captures children’s interest, comes alive, stimulates and invites children to wonder and create.

You need to be very passionate, dedicated and energetic about working with young children as the first years of a child’s life is the critical time for their development. It can be very challenging and demanding but very rewarding.'

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