Transition Learning and Development Resources

Professional development video

A video providing professional development for early childhood educators on writing Transition Learning and Development Statements ("statement/s") is now available to view or download (free of charge) on FUSE.

To access the video, see FUSE and enter Learning Resource ID PRL55S

How to booklet

For educators who would like further information about writing and interpreting statements, the Professional Development Booklet contains examples with feedback from professionals who attended face-to-face professional development sessions. For more information, see: Professional Development Booklet

For a sample of a completed statement, see: Statement (pdf - 512.11kb) | Word (docx - 293.89kb)

This is only one example of how statements can be written and produced and should be viewed in conjunction with the professional development booklet above.

Guides for early childhood and school educators

To further early childhood and school educator understanding of the strength-based approach and its application to writing and interpreting statements, see: Strength-based approach guide (pdf - 453.92kb) | Word (docx - 382.64kb)

For a starting point to help prep teachers use the statements to inform curriculum design and delivery, see: Using the Transition Statement to Inform Curriculum Design (pdf - 316.55kb) | Word (docx - 295.57kb)

Other resources

  • For information about the Transition: A Positive Start to School resource kit, Transition Learning and Development Statements and other resources that support early childhood professionals, see: Transition to School
  • For tips on how to organise a Transition to Primary School reciprocal visit and see how others have done it, see Transition to School Reciprocal Visits
  • For the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework evidence papers, the Gowrie Victoria support and advice line and other resources see: Resources for Professionals