Stress and Trauma in Young Children - Workshops

Professional learning opportunities for Victorian Early Childhood Professionals focussing on the impact of stress and trauma in young children and implications for practice.

Professional learning workshops

The outcomes of more than two decades of research have demonstrated remarkable insights into how trauma shapes and reshapes early childhood development. This knowledge base has become a primary explanatory framework for understanding and responding to the needs of children affected by abuse and family violence.

In recognition of the increasing numbers of children who are presenting in early childhood services having experienced trauma, the Department is providing a number of workshops in regional and metropolitan Victoria in 2017 for early childhood professionals seeking opportunities to build their knowledge and skills in this vital area of practice.

Australian Childhood Foundation will deliver workshops in regional and metropolitan Victoria in 2017.

Workshops on offer

In 2017, the Department has engaged the Australian Childhood Foundation to deliver foundational and advanced workshops.

The foundational workshop is a half-day workshop designed to examine the most recent research on the impact of trauma on brain development, provide a framework for understanding the consequences of stress on children's cognitive, social and emotional development and explore implications for practice in early childhood settings. The foundational workshop requires a contribution fee of $55 at registration.

The advanced workshop is a full day workshop (9am-4pm) for applying trauma-informed approaches and exploring the practical application of trauma-informed principles in early childhood settings. This is open to participants who have completed the foundational Stress and Trauma in Young Children workshop, or similar training. The advanced workshop requires a contribution fee of $70 at registration.

Who can attend

The foundational workshop is designed for professionals in the Victorian Early Childhood Education and Care sector including:

  • Long Day Care
  • Family Day Care
  • Kindergarten
  • Outside School Hours Care
  • Educators and allied health/multidisciplinary staff in the early years of School
  • Early Childhood Intervention Services
  • Family Support Services
  • Maternal and Child Health 

The advanced workshop is designed for service leaders (either management or educational leaders) and educators who are prepared to share their learning within their teams in the Victorian Early Childhood Education and Care sector, as listed above.

How to apply

Australian Childhood Foundation is taking registration for the advanced workshop. To find an advanced workshop location and to register, see: Australian Childhood Foundation - Stress and Trauma advanced workshop

About stress and trauma in young children

Trauma is the emotional, psychological and physiological residue left over from heightened levels of toxic stress that accompanies experiences of danger, violence, significant loss and life threatening events. Young children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of trauma.

It can be challenging to work with children who have experienced stress and trauma and it is vital that early childhood professionals are able to understand and be responsive to the needs of vulnerable children.

More information

For more information on the program, please email Michael Randall: