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Early childhood forum: Realising the potential

​You are invited to join us at an all-day early childhood forum on 8 June, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Register to secure your place at this free event.

What you will learn

This  free forum explores the importance of the early childhood years and their impact on health, education and social and economic wellbeing. Leading international and Australian experts will give their innovative perspectives on early childhood services and systems.

It will include sessions on parenting, kindergarten quality, access and inclusion, language development and much more.

This forum provides an opportunity for you to join your early childhood peers and be energised by a wide range of new and emerging ideas that will support the lifelong learning of all Victorian children.

Who the forum is for

The forum is for all professionals working with young children, including: 

  • Maternal Child Health nurses
  • playgroup facilitators
  • educators
  • teachers
  • intervention professionals
  • managers
  • policy makers
  • leaders in primary school.

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) conferences

​​The MCH conferences provide an opportunity for the workforce to come together twice a year and learn about a range of subjects and areas that impact on their work.

They assist participants in understanding key strategic drivers directing their work and current developments from within and outside their professional field.

Importantly the conferences provide an opportunity to network across the profession, the tiers of government and academia.

Presentations from guest speakers will be uploaded where available. Accessible versions of these documents can be requested by emailing

Previous Conferences

If you would like a copy of a presentation from the November 2017 conference, please forward your request to

22 April, 2016

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22 May, 2015


16 October, 2015


27 March, 2014


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