School Teachers

A teacher works with two primary school students in a library.A child who may be gifted attending a government school child can be referred to a Department psychologist, or a private service for formal assessment if required.

Catholic and independent schools in Victoria also have excellent resources, and teachers in these settings should refer to their resource units for further information and guidance.

School teachers can also refer parents to gifted and talented associations and support groups for information about private providers of appropriate assessment services. It is useful to refer families to these associations and support groups, whether or not formal identification is required.

School teachers can also nominate individual children for extra-curricular gifted and talented extension programs offered to school children by some organisations.

Out of school hours care educators

Educators in out of school hours care services should talk with parents and work with the school to support gifted and talented children who attend their programs.

Out of school hours care programs, guided by My Time, Our Place (the National Framework for School Aged Care) allow lots of scope and opportunity for gifted children to further explore areas of interest and work with older children who often act as a catalyst to stimulate and extend gifted children.