Professional Partnerships

In many cases, where professionals and families have recognised a child’s advanced development or learning and are responding in an appropriate way to cater for the child’s interests, strengths and abilities, it may not be necessary or useful to seek a formal identification of giftedness through assessments such as IQ tests. Formal assessment of giftedness may be more appropriate later on when the child is older or when about to transition to school. If the child and their family are receiving appropriate support formal testing may not be required, particularly in the early years.

Professionals can also follow up identification of possible giftedness or talent, or observation of advanced learning or development, by referring families to relevant professional services, as well as support groups and extra-curricular programs. 

It may also be appropriate and valuable for professionals to seek parent permission to liaise and collaborate with other professionals, such as educators from early childhood or school sectors, psychologists and therapists.