Making a Difference for Young Gifted and Talented Children

Professionals who work with young children who are gifted or talented can make a real difference to them reaching their full potential.

Research has shown that educators who have received professional learning opportunities or pre-service preparation in giftedness and talent are better able to recognise and understand giftedness in children, and have more positive attitudes towards it.

The professional learning opportunities in this online resource will assist professionals to identify and engage in good practice when working with young gifted and talented children.

The content of this online resource has been developed by Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey and Dr Anne Grant (Deakin University). For more information, see: Acknowledgements

This resource provides early childhood professionals with information and resources to help identify and provide learning for young gifted and talented children (from infancy to eight years old) and their families.

Gifted and talented young children experience wellbeing and positive development when provided with supportive and challenging learning environments that are responsive to their individual strengths and interests.

Every early childhood professional will be working with gifted children. It is estimated that 10–15 per cent of children are gifted, which means a typical early childhood group or school class will contain at least one gifted child. Many will have more, so it is imperative that professionals reflect on their practice and seek professional learning opportunities to increase their understanding and knowledge of giftedness and talent in young children.