Early Childhood Educators

A teacher talks with a child in a classroom setting.Early childhood educators may find that families come to them for advice and information about formal testing to find out if their child is gifted or qualifies for early school entry. Educators can point parents in the direction of gifted and talented associations and support groups, as well as organisations that provide specialised assessment and advice for gifted children and their families.

Educators may suggest the family contact their doctor to organise a referral to a psychologist and/or services that specialise in assessing young children who might be gifted.

Referral to associations and support groups is always useful, even where families are not seeking formal testing. These groups can provide general support and contacts for families of gifted and talented young children. They also sometimes provide extra-curricular programs for gifted and talented children or know of such programs run by other groups. These extra-curricular programs can provide both stimulation and challenge for children, as well as important social contact with peers. Educators may also want to make contact with these organisations, as they can often provide useful information for professionals working with gifted and talented children.

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