About the MCH Service

​​The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Service is a universal primary care service for Victorian families with children from birth to school age.

What is the MCH Service?

The MCH Service provides a comprehensive and focused approach for the promotion, prevention, early detection, and intervention of the physical, emotional or social factors affecting young children and their families in contemporary communities.

The Service is provided in partnership with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), local government and the Department, and aims to promote healthy outcomes for children and their families.

For MCH Se​rvice professionals

A number of resources are available to Maternal and Child Health Service professionals to support them in maintaining high service standards for Victorian families. These include:

Information for parents

For parent-focused information on the MCH Service, including parent tip sheets and outlines on what to expect at MCH visits, see:

Information for MCH service providers

For information such as annual reports and service provision consent tools, see: 

Contact us

The Prevention and Health Promotion Branch, which manages the MCH Service in Victoria, can be contacted at:

Email (preferred): mch@edumail.vic.gov.au

Post: Maternal and Child Health, Department of Education and Training, GPO Box 4367, Melbourne 3001.

MCH Line

The MCH Line is a statewide telephone service av​ailable every day of the year for​​ Victorian families with children from birth to school age. MCH nurses can provide information, support and guidance regarding a range of issues including child health, nutrition, breastfeeding, maternal and family health and parenting.

For further information, see: MCH Line website

Maternal and child health centres

For information on where Maternal and Child Health centres are located, see: Maternal and Child Health Centre Directory